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Turn Back the Clock with Ant-Aging Services

Look Younger with Skin Tightening Services in Houston, TX

Skin Tightening Treatnment

Most people are not blessed with perfect skin. As we age, our skin tends to wrinkle and sag a little bit. Thankfully, there are anti-aging services that can help reduce the wrinkling and sagging of our skin. Skin tightening treatment at Sousan Med Spa includes the use of a JuVaShape device that utilizes radio frequency technology to tighten your skin. The device is effective and provides long-lasting results. The treatment can be done to tighten your skin around your arms, face, legs, thighs, and stomach.

It is recommended that you receive treatments multiple times in pre-planned intervals. Each skin tightening treatment lasts around an hour which starts with a light massage. During the massage, a special gel is applied to the treatment area. You will also feel warming sensations throughout the treatment but you will not experience overheating, pain, or tissue damage since an experienced beauty technician controls everything. The only side-effects that you may experience are bruises and skin redness, but these are minimal and short-lived. At the end of the treatment, you will have tighter skin and look younger. Again, you may need several treatments, which are done in certain intervals, to achieve the desired results.

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Skin tightening services are great for those who are experiencing saggy skin that naturally happens as we age. Treatments are quick, generally around an hour, and painless. Side effects sometimes include bruising and skin redness, but these are minimal and short-lived. Most often, several treatments are recommended in intervals but not always. After treatment, your skin will be tighter, and you will look younger. We also offer Botox treatments and eye lifting services. You can walk around more confident and happier knowing your skin is no longer sagging and it looks like you haven’t aged in years. Contact our certified beauty technicians today to schedule your skin tightening services!