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Brighten Your Eyes For Spring

Lush, green grass. Bright, beautiful flowers. Clear, blue skies. These are some of the things we experience when spring finally rolls around in Houston, TX. For some of us, we take those sights for granted. If you are part of the aging population, you may have difficulty seeing these sights so clearly. As you age, your skin starts to lose its elasticity. Pair this with the gravitational pull and you’re left with excess skin. Excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids can impair and interfere with your vision. Instead of living with this interference, brighten your eyes in time for spring!

Consider An Eye Lift Treatment

There are many anti-aging treatments in the industry to help correct your skin. If you are experiencing crow’s feet, droopy eyelids, unwanted wrinkles or other skin imperfections around your eyes, the eye lift treatment is perfect for you.

How does it work?

At Sousan Med Spa, serving Houston, TX, we offer laser treatments to fight the aging process. The eye lift procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is highly efficient. Its’ purpose is to lift the eyebrow area to create a younger-looking appearance. A laser sends precise light in tightly targeted areas. It is quick and effective, but the duration of the treatment depends on the skin imperfections you wish to correct. After the procedure, the treated area may be warm, red, and some people experience swelling. However, these effects will disappear after a couple of days.

Benefits of Eye Lift Treatment

This procedure provides aesthetic, psychological, and functional benefits that can help change your life as it improves:

  • aesthetics– Eye lift treatments help correct puffiness, remove excess skin, and correct fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with a more youthful look.
  • self-confidence– Gain more self-confidence after the treatment as it helps make you look younger and more alert.
  • vision– Restore your peripheral vision that was once lost by drooping eyelids.

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Spring is just around the corner in Houston, TX, so you want to make sure you are prepared. Contact the team at Sousan Med Spa for more information about our eye lift treatments and ask if you are a candidate for laser treatment. Call us today!